UpGrad Interview Experience shares IIT Jodhpur student

Eager to know what the best developers are made up of? Recently one of our users Pratik Kumar from IIT Jodhpur has joined the amazing engineering team at UpGrad. Let’s see what he has to say to us about himself.

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Pratik Kumar
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
UpGrad Interview Experience

1. Tell us about yourself in a few words

I’m always enthusiastic to learn. It’s never constrained to a single domain be it coding, art, sports or anything else for that matter. Due to this, I’ve learned to gain focus on things in a short span of time and that helps you a long way.

2. How did you land a job at UpGrad?

I gave the interviews..:P(Sorry for the bad joke). It usually depends on how well your skills, personality, and thinking matches with the company you apply for and how well you gel together during the interview process. It’s not always a Q/A session from the company’s side, its a dialogue and while they are testing you, you need to figure out if you are actually a suitable fit for each other that’s what helped me get through their process.

3. What excites you about your job at UpGrad?

I’ve started coding after I joined my first organization, and most of my knowledge came through these type of learning platforms, so I’m really glad that I get to build the platform that might help others like me to get in this domain or any domain for the matter of fact. As in today’s world, online learning platforms are the way to learn on a daily basis and it’s much more fun than just reading books.

4. When you’re at a buffet, how many trays of food do you start off with?

I never count. A buffet is not a place to count for a foodie like me, I’ll try everything even if I can’t move out of the bed the next day..:P. Food is my biggest weakness.

5. What are the 3 principles to simplify your life?

    • Family always comes first.
    • There is no substitute for learning.
    • Hobby is the best method for relaxation.

6. What do you like the most about InterviewBit?

They give a good learning platform and prepare you well for what to expect during different stages of the interview. Practicing on InterviewBit goes a long way in your preparation.

7. What is the best (physical)  environment for you to code in?

Give me a quiet corner, a laptop, headphones, and wifi. Nothing else required.

8. What advice would you give to someone looking for a new dev job?

Don’t give up on hope after initial few disappointments, learn from them! Every company is not a good fit for everyone. Don’t panic wait a bit you’ll understand what you might be looking for.

We wish him good for the future from the entire team of InterviewBit. Happy Coding!

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