Tower Research Web Developer Interview Experience

When it comes to cracking technical interviews, Tower Research sets a whole different bar. So what all do you need to know for a technical interview at Tower Research. One of our users has recently penned down his interview experience with Tower Research and we are happy to share this with you all, in his own words.

I went through a total of 4 rounds of interviews.

Round 1- Design Round:

I was asked to design an interface for executing trades by looking at the current market prices for a particular currency exchange. The prices would fluctuate over time and need to be refreshed periodically, so that was to be factored in into the design. Interviewers wanted me to come up with different designs and evaluate how each of them affects the overall User Experience.

Round 2- Coding Round:

They had a sandboxed environment with a service that could be polled for the data, and an API to post orders. They expected a simple UI to execute trades with a click, and with data being refreshed periodically. The focus was on getting the application to work with the most basic interactions, without focussing much on the aesthetics.This was to be built without the use of any web development framework, with native javascript.

a.) Interview Round 1:

This was a technical interview round, with focus on JavaScript and CSS. The interviewer started off with a discussion about my resume, then asked a few basic JS questions related to closures, scoping in javascript. He then asked a few CSS questions related to positioning of items relative to each other, leading to a discussion about various ways of positioning box items in a page without using ‘position’.  

I was asked to implement sticky on top behavior for a list, which meant that the heading of a card in a list of cards should be on top while the element is scrolling until the next item pushes it out of the view. We discussed ways in which this could be implemented using JS, and how the code would be organized for it. I was asked to write the basic code and optimize the same.

a.) Interview Round 2:

This was more of a discussion round about the best practices and intricacies involved in design and development of Web Applications. We touched different topics such as testing, web security, the design of API’s and usage of recent web API’s. I also talked about my previous experience and listed a few challenging tasks that I had taken up earlier.

Round 3- Clarification Round:

I had asked a few questions regarding the profile of the work involved. This round was meant to clarify all of those. The project lead for the Trader UI platform development team was the one who asked me about my previous experiences in detail and briefed me about what kind of applications were to be developed, answering all the questions I had related to the same.

Round 4- HR Round:

This was just to discuss my current salary structure and I was asked about the reason I was looking for a change.

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