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Most of us would remember reading the newspapers with Placement updates like; “Google hires IIT Kharagpur Grad at a package of 2 Cr”, and thinking to ourselves, Yeah, that’s not for me.

A common myth that has gotten into the very roots of our upbringing is that the top payers only hire from the top IITs or the top colleges.

Internet is full of content that reinforces that belief like the ones below (Source:Quora):

However, what we see on a daily basis at InterviewBit is far from the above.

We see a lot of people breaking the college brand barrier and getting the offers which are dream to many even in the premier colleges. These fairy tales happen all the time and in good numbers.

Following is what we saw last year from our users.

Following are some case studies we saw through our referrals :

  • Person 1: Studying at Tier 3 college in UP. Got offer from Uber of 37LPA (Avg. placements: 5L)
  • Person 2: Studying at lesser known college in Chennai. Got offer from Uber of 37LPA (Avg. placements: 5L)
  • Person 3: Working at Amdocs for 5.5L salary. Got offer from Amazon of 43LPA.

Looking at these people, we started asking ourselves the question : “How can we make more replicas of Person 1, 2 and 3 in the example above”.

To do that, we started asking ourselves the question on what made these people stand out from others. How were these candidates different?

How were these candidates different?

We talked in person to more than 50 people who achieved the dream packages from non premier colleges. Everybody had their own unique set of inspirations and a unique story around how they achieved what they achieved. But there were 4 things which were common amongst everyone we interviewed:

  • Secret Ingredient number one: Hard work and self motivation (Duh!!)
    • This one comes as no surprise. Everyone we talked to was super motivated, super passionate and super hard working.
  • The second secret ingredient: Proper guidance
    • Everyone we interviewed had someone who would guide them and give direction to their hard work. That someone was an elder sibling/cousin already working at a better place in some cases and in some cases, it was a senior who had done really well.
  • Third secret ingredient: Investment in basics
    • Everyone we interviewed had spent a decent amount of time understanding the basic concepts of programming and data structures. They’d spent hours thinking about and understanding the concepts which others might have brushed over. Obviously, the helpful mentors helped here.
  • Fourth secret ingredient: Consistency and practice
    • Everyone we interviewed had spent more than 1000 hours solving problems with code. They’d spent 3-4 hours daily on average on problem solving and code.

This was great and made a lot of sense. Then we thought more about the problem. How do we replicate this for everyone? Especially the ones who had the zeal to work hard.

Our solution

We figured we needed a platform which can provide:

  • Proper guidance (mentor) to everyone without needing a sibling / senior at a good company.
  • Teach well and help unblock you 1:1 whenever you are stuck with a concept.
  • Enforce Consistent Practice and make it fun.
  • Replicate the high quality community present in premier colleges.

Enter the scene: InterviewBit Academy.

InterviewBit is a 6 month immersive course which has:

  • Guidance: A dedicated mentor for you through the whole course, who’ll not only help you with academics but would also help you gain exposure into the tech industry.
  • 1:1 Help: Guided sessions with TA on call to help you out whenever you need help or feel stuck.
  • Consistency: 3 hour daily commitment which includes learning a new topic and trying out assignments alongside your batchmates and TAs.
  • Basics coverage: Instructors from Top tech companies to ensure the basics are covered well and in depth.
  • Last but not the least, it’s free unless we get you your dream job.

InterviewBit had helped us with tools to execute the above. We had users who love us and would want to give back to the community. We have 500+ companies that trust us for their hiring. We had the community which trusts us to build quality solutions.

With InterviewBit Academy, we are out to prove everyone wrong who believes talent is a function of what college you go to. We have taken a step and are willing to invest everything into solving the tech education problem. We are here to nurture talent in a scalable fashion.

Help us spread the word to those who might benefit and we will be one step closer to achieve the above. To infinity and beyond! 🙂

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