InterviewBit Academy is now Scaler Academy

When it comes to the number of institutions imparting technical education, the Indian education system has undergone a drastic change over the last decade. While significant efforts are being made to make education accessible by churning out new institutes, what is missing, from even a Tier 1 college, is the necessary industry-connect. Majority of the private organisations, both large and small, claim that while graduates might possess theoretical knowledge, they usually don’t have skills that are required for them to even do entry-level jobs. We experienced this first hand when we started working in the tech recruitment space with InterviewBit in 2015.

Via InterviewBit, we did our bit by helping young professionals better their chances of working with leading technology companies. Over the past four years, we have changed the lives of over 4000 young professionals by helping them get their dream jobs in leading technology companies. Over 600 organisations today trust us with their tech recruitment.

We realised early on that most people we engage with are capable of achieving even greater things given the right guidance. The only thing missing in the picture was access to instructors and mentors, who would not only teach them new skills but also guide them in their careers. This led us to launch InterviewBit Academy back in April. A 6-month learning program that is teaching coders skills for the best jobs while also helping them to get hired without paying anything upfront until the job is secured. The reception of the IB Academy was phenomenal – nothing we have expected. We feel humbled and grateful as we continue receiving amazing feedback from our students.

With the right guidance and knowledge sharing by Industry experts, instructors and mentors, capable individuals can secure their dream jobs by bridging the gap between their theoretical knowledge base and industry specific skills.

As we’re working towards unlocking our students’ true potential, we felt that the Academy needed its own unique identity and a distinct brand.

Say hello to ‘Scaler Academy’!

‘Scaler’ is the next step in the evolution of InterviewBit Academy. The name goes back full circle to the idea we had that every person is capable of achieving great things given the right guidance. For us this means scale. Scaling up your skills, your career, your coder community and your personal life. Putting all of this together in one place transforms you into Scaler – a person who is not afraid of challenges and works hard towards achieving goals.

The next chapter

We will continue to work as hard as before to educate individuals and to provide the right guidance, positively impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people with our tools, and make them successful in today’s fast-moving tech industry.

We wouldn’t be here without you being a part of our dedicated InterviewBit community – thank you, thank you, thank you!

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