Developer Showcase – Siva Teja, Boku

An InterviewBit user Siva Teja joins a mobile payments company Boku inspires us by sharing his success journey, read to know more about him. Siva Teja Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Boku 1) Tell us about yourself in a few words I am yet to meet myself. I learn. I unlearn. I adapt. I change. Everything … Continue reading Developer Showcase – Siva Teja, Boku

Developer Showcase – Satveer Singh, Intuit

One of our successful users, Satveer Singh with a decade plus of experience shares his success journey with us. Satveer Singh Malaviya National Institute of Technology Intuit 1)Tell us about yourself in a few words Hi Everyone, I am Satveer Singh Mechu. I have been working with industry for 12 years, worked on various organizations … Continue reading Developer Showcase – Satveer Singh, Intuit

DE Shaw Senior member technical Interview Experience

Preparing for interview: I referred to interview experience stories at several platforms, finding InterviewBit to be the most helpful. Started off topic wise with solving questions on their platform daily to brush up on dynamic programming, arrays, trees, and graphs. Other than this, I went through “Up system creation” challenges and how post creation if … Continue reading DE Shaw Senior member technical Interview Experience

4 Most common culture fit questions

If you are experienced, every company values the kind of work that you have done before. There are certain companies like Facebook and Uber who value the aspirations and cultural fit of the person. In general, make sure to do the following for every company that you are about to interview with : Research on … Continue reading 4 Most common culture fit questions