Developer Showcase – Siva Teja, Boku

An InterviewBit user Siva Teja joins a mobile payments company Boku inspires us by sharing his success journey, read to know more about him. Siva Teja Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Boku 1) Tell us about yourself in a few words I am yet to meet myself. I learn. I unlearn. I adapt. I change. Everything … Continue reading Developer Showcase – Siva Teja, Boku

Developer Showcase – Satveer Singh, Intuit

One of our successful users, Satveer Singh with a decade plus of experience shares his success journey with us. Satveer Singh Malaviya National Institute of Technology Intuit 1)Tell us about yourself in a few words Hi Everyone, I am Satveer Singh Mechu. I have been working with industry for 12 years, worked on various organizations … Continue reading Developer Showcase – Satveer Singh, Intuit

DE Shaw Senior member technical Interview Experience

Preparing for interview: I referred to interview experience stories at several platforms, finding InterviewBit to be the most helpful. Started off topic wise with solving questions on their platform daily to brush up on dynamic programming, arrays, trees, and graphs. Other than this, I went through “Up system creation” challenges and how post creation if … Continue reading DE Shaw Senior member technical Interview Experience

Developer Showcase- Pratik Kumar, UpGrad

Eager to know what the best developers are made up of? Recently one of our users Pratik Kumar from IIT Jodhpur has joined the amazing engineering team at UpGrad. Let's see what he has to say to us about himself. Pratik Kumar Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur UpGrad 1. Tell us about yourself in a few … Continue reading Developer Showcase- Pratik Kumar, UpGrad

Flipkart Software Developer Interview Experience

Recently, I joined Flipkart, Bangalore as a Software Developer. In this post, I’ll share my experience about the interview process, and how to approach the same. The steps are in order of chronology. I’ll make special mention in case of an order of priority. #1 Preparation: The most important thing to do for weight loss … Continue reading Flipkart Software Developer Interview Experience

Trimian Web / Full stack developer Interview experience

Since the past 6 years, I have been coding majorly in JavaScript. Based on the requirement in the company, I have also extensively worked on Java, databases and many other programming languages. Due to my knowledge of both Frontend and Backend technologies, I had many options when I was looking for a job change. I … Continue reading Trimian Web / Full stack developer Interview experience

Tower Research Web Developer Interview Experience

When it comes to cracking technical interviews, Tower Research sets a whole different bar. So what all do you need to know for a technical interview at Tower Research. One of our users has recently penned down his interview experience with Tower Research and we are happy to share this with you all, in his … Continue reading Tower Research Web Developer Interview Experience